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The fastest Vespa Photo of my Life !

This was the quickest Vespa Photo Shot of my life!



During my first big Vespa tour through all of Europe, I also visited Paris of course. I took some nice pictures next to the Eiffel Tower and then I rode over to the Louvre! I rode my Scooter to this famous spot exactly next to the famous pyramid and had about 20 seconds. Then heavily armed guards from both sides stormed with angry faces toward my position. I did not have it on the radar, that due to security concerns after 9/11 and other terrorist attacks they had altered the security level for the Louvre as well. They were probably afraid that the guy with the dark skin from all his kilometers on his beloved scooter and the big box full of dirty laundry on the back of his Vespa carries a bomb to the Louvre… Read more

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