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I am Markus André Mayer

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When I was a kid I was addicted to adventure books like “80 days around the world” by Jules Verne, “Lindbergh’s Flight Across the Atlantic” by Mary Tucker, or the works of Ernest Hemingway and Daniel Defoe! I always dreamt to live adventures like this myself and become an explorer!

Since I was 16 I was absolutely hooked on classic Vespa and Lambretta Scooters. Back then it was my only way to move around. I lived in rural Bavaria and public transport was scarce and bad. I have also always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie! I started Bungee Jumping, became a Paratrooper later, and also went diving with sharks and such. Since that time I always had a minimum of one scooter in the house and in 2014 I started long-distance travel on classic Vespas and PiaggioApe.

How little did I know back then how much Vespa will become a way of life for me and that classic scooters will carry me literally all around the globe – even under 80 days!

Vespa Scooter World Travel as a Challenge!

My Vespa World Travel was not meant to be a holiday trip from one hotel to another hotel, but rather a real adventure challenge pushing the scooters and me to my limits – physically and mentally! Crossing Deserts and Mountains,  sleeping wherever necessary, and withstanding blistering heat, cold, and surviving storms and animal attacks. Take an inadequate old vehicle plus a tight budget and set yourself an unrealistic timeframe and enormous distances as a goal and you get the recipe for a true adventure challenge!

Let me take you on some trips through time and around the world with me to show you the world of “La Vida Vespa”

Jules Verne was only writing stories but I lived them!

Here a little timeline of

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

Helen Keller

My Team

Since I always ride solo my team only consists of me, myself and I and my faithful companions:
Vespas, PiaggioApe, Scomadi, Stella Genuine and Bajaj Chetak
But I meet beautiful people on the road so I never feel alone!


Vespa P200E 1979 (12hp)
in Bruxelles 2014

``Susi`` Scomadi

Scomadi TL 125
during World Record 2015


Stella Genuine 150 2T (7hp)
on Route66 in 2017


Vespa Pk50 (Dutch Version)
in Spain 2018


Piaggio Ape 50 ccm
in Finisterre Spain 2020

``Cap10 America``

Vespa PK 85 XL2
"Not all those who wander are lost"

J.R. Tolkien


Bajaj Chetak 177
in Kasachstan Desert 2018

``Teen Bitch``

Vespa P80X 1982


Vespa V50N 1971 (3hp)
Grossglockner 2021


Vespa T5 Sport 125
in France


Ape 50 TL4T
in Front of the Alps

``Winnie ze Wanne``

Mercedes 609D 1990 (Was my Home)


This is what I did on Trips between 2014 and 2021 on Classic Scooters and Threewheelers!
No day rides, No event kilometers – just the tours
But numbers only tell half the story!









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I believe ridden kilometers speak for themselves. Browse my projects below
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Scooter World Records

I did not register the records but nevertheless set 3 unofficial Scooter World Records
between 2015 and 2018



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