Much love to my Clubs

My Vespa Scooter Clubs

Over the Years I founded one and became member of several Vespa Clubs

Vespa Club Hannover

Vespa Club Hannover

Full Member

Since 2017 I am a Full Member of VC Hannover von 1950. This is one of the oldest and prestigious Vespa Clubs in Germany. I first visited them in 2017 during a 4 day roundtrip of 2050 kilometers to NL, Lübeck, Hannover and back home to Kempten.
They supported me in many of my adventures and I am very happy and proud to form part of this great club.

Barcelona Scooter Clob Logo

Barcelona Scooter Club

Member of Honor

Since 2020 I am Member of the Barcelona Scooter Club. I met them the first time during my 2018 Tour around the world and later on in 2021 I visited the club again and even bought my T5 “Tamara” from the President Richie and rode it home in a 4 day journey from Barcelona to Kempten.


ScooterClub Madrid

Member of Honor

Since 2018 I am a member of honor of the Scooterclub Madrid. I was nominated during my arrival of my 80 Days around the world on Vespa at Kilometro 0 / Plaza del Sol Madrid. I met the club the first time during my 2014 Tour of Europe and also took part in a legendary corso along the Gran Via on their 2015 Anniversary Rally! What a great pleasure and honor!

Garjeros Moscow

Garajeros Moscow

Member of Honor

I am a Member of Honor of Garajeros Moscow since 2015.
I also met the founder of the Club in Bar Montenegro during my 80 Days around the world on Vespa.

Blechrollerbande Kempten Logo

Blechrollerbande Kempten

Founder / Ex-President / Ex-Member

in 2015 I founded the Scooterclub “Blechrollerbande Kempten”.
I organised and grew it over a year and organised several big rideouts and events.

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