You would love to do what I do? No you dont !

January 1, 2020
January 1, 2020 DonCalvo_1976

Dreams and Sacrifices

A sentence I heard or read quite often lately :
“ I envy you and dream/ would love to do what you do !”
Mostly I smile and say: “ No you don’t !”
Let’s lean back and contemplate this for a moment.
People see my pictures with nice views, see my liberty to do whatever the fuck I want, see that others clap and show respect at the finish line, and see TV and Radio and Newspapers.

They want the fun but don´t want to lose anything!

They do not want to :
  • Lose several relationships over a project that takes years.
  • Loose Friends because of stress and jealousy.
  • Lose a lot of money.
  • Loose your flat and your job.
They do also not want to :
  • Be in life danger several times a day.
  • Not know where to sleep the same day.
  • Fall asleep next to their bike hungry and wake up freezing.
  • Not know what happens next week.
  • Have people that talk bullshit behind your back.
  • Ride thousands of kilometers with broken rips or dislocated collar bone.
  • Have a rash on your back from the heat and your blood in your stool and feet that need a medic after days and days of wet boots.
  • Riding in storms, at the night, and with no rain gear.
I could continue but you get my point. All this and more were necessary to complete this trip.
So no – you do not dream or want to do what I do – otherwise, you would!

A Trip around the world is no big deal!

Many people think that around the world has been done many times and that nowadays it is no big deal.
They are right:
Around the world – no problem
Around the world solo – no problem
Around the world solo without assistance – no problem
Around the world with a BMW – no problem
Around the world 2 up – no problem
Around the world on a Vespa has been done 4 / 5 times
Around the world, solo has been done 3 times
Around the world solo in 80 days on Vespa?
Exactly 1 fucking time in about 100 years of motorcycle travel and 75 years of Vespa. There have been even 650 people in space.
And most people even in Vespa Clubs have no idea because they only ride a little on the weekend or take weekend trips to Italy.
And that is ok. But do not think you have an idea what it takes!
Am I proud? Yes
Is it a big deal to me? Fuck yes!
Did it change my life? Of course.
Would I do it again? No doubt, but not with a time limit ;-)!
Next time maybe with 50cc and without a time frame to enjoy and indulge!

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