Vespa Long Distance Travel Adventures -I know you cannot relate and that is ok!

December 13, 2019
December 13, 2019 DonCalvo_1976

I know you cannot relate and that is ok!

I often notice that people can not understand my experience Living Vespa Long Distance Travel Adventures
As much as it is annoying to me and boring me it is clear why:
Vespa Crash in Siberia

Vespa Crash in Siberia

You can only really understand what you can relate to and have similar experiences.
I often wondered if I should stop explaining and stop talking about my experience but I also realized that I do need to do it to process it for myself. I also had some very hard and dangerous experiences that left some scars and reflecting on them in this blog helps me to stay sane.  I also need to stay connected with others.
80 Days around the world was compared to a European Vespa Holiday like an Iron Man to a 5K Funrun. It is like a skydive from the stratosphere to a fun tandem jump as a birthday gift. It cannot be compared and should not.
So when an Ironman Contestant and a Hobby Jogger are talking to each other they simply talk about two completely different things but they still stay connected.

Vespa Winter Adventure

Vespa Winter Adventure

And when people get annoyed by me still talking about my experience because they think they know by now I ask them to consider this:

Do you know how an iron man contestant feels? How much getting there, preparing and training for years, and spending a fortune on doing e.g. Hawai changed his entire view of life? How much his lifestyle, his relationships, and his family and friends were affected? Then you might get an idea of how I feel.
I have a friend that is still talking about our weekend trip to Lake Garda on Vespa as the best holiday of his life. Just because he suffered an accident and lost his vehicle and got injured. I had to organize for him to be transported back and his Vespa as well. That was a Mini Trip of 4-6 Days and compared to the 80 days nothing big happened. And People ask me why I still talk about 80 Days ?! Vespa Long Distance Travel Adventures changed my entire life!
And if something that drastic happens to you – you better talk about it and explain it before you isolate yourself and get sick of feeling lonely because NOBODY can relate to it when you are the only one that did it. That is something strange as well, considering that e.g. 650 people have been in space so far. It feels sometimes surreal to have an experience in life that not one other person can relate to.
Now I go back into my garage and paint Captain America and Monday I will start a normal student life again.
Have a great weekend and forgive me for talking like an old man after the war!

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