The perfect packing list for Vespa World Travel

April 8, 2022
April 8, 2022 DonCalvo_1976

Tips for Packing the World Travel Vespa

I have now been asked very often how the perfect Vespa Travel Packing List looks like . Many wanted to know what tools and spare parts or camping equipment I have on my long adventures.
There are two factions – the perfectionist type, who would have everything for the zombie apocalypse and the luxury child type, who talks about 3 underpants and a credit card. The truth is as always somewhere in the middle….

THE PERFECT LIST does not exist anyway and it makes little sense to tell you mine in detail, but I have here some thoughts on how to create for yourself the perfect packing list for your adventure on the Vespa or Lambretta scooter or motorcycle.

8 Tips for a Vespa Tavel

Tip 1 : Do not reinvent the wheel !
I have looked for 3 packing lists for motorcycle trips around the world, summarized and then added or deleted what makes sense for each trip.

Tip 2: If you are in North America or Europe or in a country with good infrastructure in terms of spare parts and workshops then take twice as much money and half as much equipment with you!

Tip 3 : (Vespa) Do not believe the fairy tale of 100 cables – I have used exactly 1 clutch cable for 27,113 km around the world. Are the cleanly laid and lubricated, the almost never break.

Tip 4 : ALWAYS have a first aid kit with you, but not just the one from the motorcycle store. Supplement it with a few medications (pain, fever, diarrhea) because even on a weekend trip it can happen on Sunday that you get, for example, toothache and are traveling in the country where there is no 24-hour pharmacy.

Tip 5: Always take an on-board tool, 1 Fuel Friend, cable ties, 1 meter wire and 1 meter cable, a multitool, and 1 standard cable plus clamp nipple with. This takes as good as no space away but saves you possibly the call to the breakdown service. Provided you can screw something.

Tip 6 : Can you not screw ? Learn it ! Find a screwdriver from your area and help him with a full overhaul or pay him for an overhaul of your vehicle where you play sidekick 😉!

Tip 7 : Always have a card from the automobile club or insurance, for roadside assistance in the country in which you travel. Sometimes even McGyver is at his wit’s end.

Tip 8: Study a few hours of forums on YOUR vehicle and its weak points and possibly ask there for recommendation (but do not let the guys make you crazy, because to every topic there are 3 guys 5 opinions 😉 )

Now a List of important questions before you travel on Vespa

Vespa Travel Packing


And now you’ve read all that up there and you’re standing there with your world trip packing list.
Now ask yourself a few questions while you lay out everything you want to take with you (so you forget nothing)

-How long are you traveling ?
-3 days or 3 months ? (Your 30€ tent from the last festival might be enough for the weekend but you can’t put it up and take it down 90 times without damage)
-Will you camp or stay in a hotel ?
-Are you traveling longer than 1 season ?
-Are you covered by health insurance ? Does it include return transport from abroad ?
-Do you have a protection letter or club that can bring your broken vehicle home from abroad ?
-Do you have valid papers?  Within the EU you have to be able to identify yourself ?
-Is your driving license valid for your vehicle in the country you are going to (e.g. 125cc with car license is not valid in all countries)?

Here an addition for the Vespa Travel Packing List on Classic Scooters:
Minimum recommendation in addition to the above:

  • 1 clutch (already oiled)
  • 1 CDI
  • 2 spark plugs
  • 1 standard cable with clamping nipple
  • nozzle box
  • pulley for the flywheel
  • and possibly a piston
  • a handful of different sized nuts and bolts in a box.

As I said all these are just tips and reference point so you can prepare your motorcycle or Vespa adventure. This list should get you on the right track, so you can help yourself!

And now have fun!
Feel free to share it if you think it would help others to read this!

( Especially with the friend who has been stranded somewhere before).

If you have any ideas regarding the topic, I would also appreciate some more additions and comments !

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