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April 7, 2019
April 7, 2019 DonCalvo_1976

Good Morning Good People – I feel the need to clarify some things.

Lately I often got comments from people about my lifestyle cause they might think I am some sort of rich spoiled brat that just travels the world and has endless fun time and resources. This comments carry often a lot of envy. And many believe that my freedom only comes from money, spare time and lack of responsibility!

They consider me irresponsible or show envy and talk bad about what I do and how I do it. Mostly behind my back.

Well I am neither rich, nor spoiled. And I do what I like and how I like it and that makes me sometimes proud because :

Whatever I do I always give 110% and I sacrifice a lot ! I do things different and I do different things.

I also try to balance things by constantly organising charity work aside.

It is difficult to find a good job as an adventurer!

My lifestyle comes with some very high costs. I have to work mostly in relatively bad paid jobs, doing a lot of hours and nothing related to the degree I hold. Whenever I try to find a job that is suitable to my education and qualification the employer is scared that I might leave any day and does not give me the job.

Why is that ? Simply because usually no employer gives you enough space or time to travel and follow creative ventures like mine.

Also most employers do not risk taking somebody like me BECAUSE I travelled so much and lived in so many places. They feel I can not be blackmailed into doing unpaid overtime or doing shit I do not stand for. So they fear they waste time in training me. So getting and keeping a job is very difficult if you want to live an adventurous lifestyle. And society even more so in Germany judges you very often by titles and money.

Money- It is only riding Vespa and I won the lottery?

I did also not win the lottery – so EVERY project I do has to be meticulously planned and done mostly on a very low budget. From the Idea of the Project over Webdesign to T-shirt manufacturing and blogging plus photograpy and filming all is included Sometimes also event planning and all the public relations work and coordinating is necessary and I nearly do it all by myself as a one man show. Sometimes I can get some people interrested for a bit to support me or can pay some. Mostly I try and sometimes I manage to inspire and motivate some people to get involved for the fun of it, but more often I simply gotta do all by myself.

It also forces me to live very minimalistic! I did not even own a carfor 10 years, my phone is usually min 4 years old as is my laptop etc. The only part of my life where it gets messy is Vespa club tshirts and my garage. 🙂

I probably have loads of Sponsoring ?!

Sponsoring of any project is mostly very very difficult because in a world where people skydive for redbull out of space I would probably have to do a backflip naked on a burning vespa over the grand canyon and die in the process to get any sponsor  the media coverage they think they deserve for a few bucks of sponsoring.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

"I wanted to live the life,
a different life.
I didn’t want to go to the same place every day
and see the same people and do the same job."

Harrison Ford

Now to the personal side! Relationships, Family and Friendships

It is also difficult to maintain normal relationships because of the strange picture women have of me:

They are either scared because I look irresponsible to them. Some think I always have a suitcase next to the entrance of the appartment, or they are attracted because they consider me the rich boy and get dissapointed when I am not.

Even normal friendships get complicated when most of the people that you want to spend time with or look up to or like are in another country. And in an highly materialistic country like Germany I do not really fit in cause I do not reflect the “values” they look for in a friend. And when some old friends from school invite you to a barbecue it becomes very quickly clear that we have very littly in common to talk about.

Also within the close family it is not easy to communicate that your goals and values are very different! Especially when you grew up in a family where all that counts is work, money and houses.

I could continue the list of things in life that are important to people that I simply have not, but I guess you get the picture !

Is that a complaint?

To make it clear : I DO NOT COMPLAIN ! First of all you gotta earn yourself the envy of others!

I am aware that it is my own choices.

I do not ask help or pity or charity.

I actually often enjoy my freedom even without money.

Sometimes a bit less envy and a bit more support from some “friends” would be nice.

Not Realistic probably, but at least I ask for the little respect to not talk bullshit about the rich spoiled son that travels with family money. My family supports me a lot but not in the way you guys think !

I love them ! They let me be ! Sometimes.

I hope I will keep doing what I do cause I do not know a better way of doing it. My life might not be normal for everybody, but what most people call” normal life” would simply kill me.


I will keep doing what I do till I find a way of making a living from my passions and by entertaining and helping and inspiring people and till then I will work my ass off in shitty jobs to finance adventures I can barely afford, learn new skills that are nice to have but pay bad , entertain some people in the process and maybe maybe have some stories to be told to some potential grandchildren if some day I bump into the right woman to have a family, settle and start a “normal life” .

Why did I need to explain?

Haters gonna hate – I know. I simply felt I needed to say that cause many might see me as something I am NOT !

Have a great day and a good weekend and to all the ones that showed their respect and love the last months ! Thank you ! I love you !

(written after one of my six nights a week where I work in a truck on some german mountain road)

That “Normal Life” that is starting to kill me.

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