Start Slow Way Home – 3600 km Adventure with 50cc Threewheeler

September 10, 2020
September 10, 2020 DonCalvo_1976

Start to my Adventure Slow Way Home

A three-wheeled superslow adventure with an unmaintained Piaggio Ape50 with only 50cc



Let me l explain what Slow Way Home is about:


Ape50 on trailer

This is how I lived in Portugal



After my 80 days around the world on the old Vespa, I lived almost 3 months in my 30-year-old police van in Olhão in the Algarve. I had a great time and would have loved to stay longer, but I made the grave error to return to Germany for a woman. I lived in my Van and from time to time I went grocery shopping or to the laundromat in town which was 3 km away. Since I did not want to pack up the entire truck each time I need to go to town and the Vespa is too small for bigger shopping items like water I thought about a solution. There I spontaneously bought an Ape50 (Anita). The Piaggio Ape50 was forgotten on a farm for 16 Years and the farmer just want to get rid of it because his father died.

Starter Battery for Ape50Sometimes adventure is only a result of changed plans

When I then came back to Germany in the spring of 2019 Anita stayed behind. Things with that lady went catastrophically wrong and I started a Training for  Certificates for Social Media and Online Marketing for over 9 months to be able to apply for jobs in Germany. paperwork is essential there – not knowledge! ;-)Anita stayed there on a property at my friend’s grounds under a tarp. His wife, later on, had some health issues, and then about 8 weeks ago I got a call that I had to pick the Ape50 up because he would have to leave for Germany for a while and did not want to vehicle to be stolen in his absence. I spontaneously flew down 4 days later, cleaned the carb and the tank, put new wheels and rode it with a big cloud of smoke behind me to a campsite nearby. I agreed with the friendly Coco, the owner of that campsite that I would leave it there for 4 weeks and then pick it up again.


Ape50 under a Tarp

Life goes on in spite of Covid-19

I had to go back to Germany to hold a photo presentation at Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee. I had a contract with them and did not want to cancel. It was a great success and that weekend I had approximately 700 people in 4 talks. Anita was forgotten and stood unmoved on a property. So a 7 days ago I was back here again on the campsite and began preparations. I cleaned Anita and checked the engine, and had the electrics and brakes checked by a mechanic. Today I start on a 3600 km journey from Portugal via Spain, France, and Switzerland.  At 45 km/h it will be a cool and super relaxed ride and a small adventure. A break from the craziness of the whole pandemic is due and I also needed time off. I will of course be careful and obey all regulations and restrictions concerning Covid-19.






Start at Campsite ape50

Adventure comes in a shapes and sizes

I received messages from the presidents of the Vespa Clubs Portugal and Spain. They said they will take great care of me and accompany me on stages as well. They prepared beds and Garages for me in case there will be problems. I spent a few lovely days here at the campsite near Olhao and made new friends. I met a german guy that wants to do a world trip in his landrover and a nice Swedish couple in their Landy. They could barely believe my plan! Well – hold my beer!

I am so happy to meet some of my old friends again! I am looking forward to a very nice 3-4 weeks of adventure!

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