Riding my Vespa in California – Big Bikes – No Balls – Coyotes and Jets

August 30, 2018
August 30, 2018 DonCalvo_1976

Riding my Vespa in California

Here is a little recap of the last 3 days  :
I am on Day 61/80 Days around the world and after totally more than 20.000 ridden km in the US, country number 16 on continent three.
On Scooter Number 2 (Betsy) a 150cc Stock Stella 2-Stroke I enter Nevada today and need more fresh music tips!
Kilometers that I have ridden on my Vespa in California and Nevada: 1250
Atascadero, Santa Cruz , San Francisco, Sacramento, Eureka (Nevada)

California Hospitality

I met John, an old-school Californian Scooterist, and some others in Santa Cruz after touring the most beautiful coastal road ever ( Highway 1 ) and he showed me his town, fed me, and hosted me! The next day we also rode along the Bay of Santa Cruz and into the mighty Redwood Forrest and stopped in front of a Bigfoot Museum. Then I left towards Scooter Center San Francisco where I needed my luggage rack welded and my back tire changed. It was a very friendly and warm welcome there! They did all that for free and put a bottle of Motul 710 and some Tacos on Top! What a nice gesture!

Big Bikes – No Balls

I continued to Golden Gate Bridge for photos where I met a bunch of Older Swiss Harley Riders. I rolled into the parking and greeted and 2 of the 6 approached me and I complimented them on their bikes even though I knew that must be rentals. They asked me what I do with that Vespa and I explained and they wanted a picture with me. A few minutes later I push my bike onto the boardwalk to take a better picture and another guy from that group asked: “You travel around the world in 80 Days with that?” and I answer yes. Then a loud old guy, wearing a Bandana and all in Harley Davidson clothes, from that group thought he can mock me and commented when passing:” With that thing, you won’t get from L.A. to San Franciso in 80 Days, “ I turn around and informed him that I had already crossed 2 continents and only have a quarter of my tour left. Later that day the guy who took my picture sent me a text with the picture “safe travels” and I wish him the same but add: “If the guy that bigmouthed at me earlier got balls I want to challenge him with a bet. 1000$ that I manage to finish what I started and he should put 5000$ cause he is the BIG guy with the BIG Harley, the BIG Mouth, and the BIG wallet.”
The friendly guy responded that he will forward my message – still have not heard anything ( guess no balls at all ).


Fresh Tires, Coyotes, and sunsets

Later that day I arrived in Sacramento where I met another John, who is the official Distributor of Heidenau in the US, and we replaced one more Tyre and a Tube and he took me for a nice dinner and invited me to stay at his house!

The next morning I started early and went through the Sierra of California, passing Lake Tahoe and right into the Desert of Nevada. I covered 630kms and nearly ran out of Gas. In the Evening I nearly crashed into a Cojote at sunset. They always manage to run in front of vehicles in the dark! Later during my trip, I had two more close calls.

Music Moments riding my Vespa in California

I also had what I call some music moments the last few days. I always put my iPhone on shuffle -sometimes it plays me the perfect songs :

1: Riding my Vespa at sunset into LA and the Axel F is played ( Soundtrack of Beverly Hills Coo )
2: Hotel California on Highway 1
3: Danger Zone ( Top Gun Soundtrack) just upon heading into the desert of Nevada at sunset.  2 jets from Fallon Airbase flew over at that moment (there is a weapons range for jets) – Mr. Tom Cruise ain’t got shit on me
Do you also sometimes have music moments? Tell me!
P.S. A big thanks to the 2 Johns and Barry from Scooter Center SF! Big thanks as well to my sponsors Alvivo, Heidenau, and Motul who shipped or handed me goodies for that American Part of my trip!
Extra Big thanks to my Buddy Alex from West Virginia! He equipped me last year with an air hawk seat cover and this year with a nice windshield!
I plan to reach Chicago in 6,5 Days !!!
Rock n Roll!!!


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