Bajaj Vespa Weekend Ride

4 Days 2075 kms in 2 Countries at 5 Degrees Celsius on Bajaj 177

Kempten – Breda – Lübeck – Hannover – Kempten

Day 1 : Start 6:30 AM in Waltenhofen Germany . 4 Degrees and clear sky. Riding was fresh and I arrived at 8 PM in Breda Netherlands .
Kilometers : 810
Hours : 13,5
Damages ? 0
Happy and very warm welcome by the Vesparados Breda ( formerly known as Vespa Cowboys )

Day 2 started at 8:45 in Breda Netherlands
Sunny and clear with 3 degrees Celsius
Kilometers : 580
Arrived at 7 PM in Lübeck (Northern Germany) just in time for dinner at the birthday of my Buddy Mirko Lüders 🙂!
Damages/ Loss : 1 Rain Pants crushed when bending over 😂

Day 3 : Lübeck – Hannover a bit cloudy and 3 degrees first and later sunny but cold.
Kms: 211 only and a view in Hannover 🙂
Highlights : Met with Guntram Teufelweich and Florian Bochnig as well as Axel-Oliver Engelmann from Sea and Sand and Members of Orga from Vespa Club Celle World Days and Vespa Club Hannover 🙂!
Also I am very happy and grateful cause my brother Mike Michael helped me to put another piece for my Tour around the World in Place by getting me a Stella 150 Scooter in Virginia Beach USA.

Day 4: Hannover – Kempten dry and cold.
No Breakdowns
Highlight: Met Mirko on the road and shared some kilometers with him. For a few kms we loaded the Vespa for me to warm up. Ridden Kms 475 <3

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    Birthday Party

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    4 Days

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