If you want to ride a Vespa in 80 Days around the world

November 12, 2020
November 12, 2020 DonCalvo_1976

80 days around the world on Vespa

If one wants to ride 80 days around the world alone on a Classic Vespa it will be necessary to ride every day and hour that the scooter works. No Exception!
  • You will ride for many nights.
  • You will ride when it rains.
  • You will ride when it is hot (up to 46 degrees Celsius)
  • You will ride when it is cold (5-7 degrees Celsius)
  • You will possibly ride your Vespa when there is a Thunderstorm (Montenegro Mountains at night), a Typhoon (Vladivostok), a hurricane (Hawai and Virginia), or a Tornado (Kansas) coming your way.
  • You will ride through floodings, sand, construction sites, and other obstacles.
  • You will probably ride when you get ill ( Diarrhea, Cold, Bad Stomach, Bleeding hemorrhoids )
  • You will maybe ride injured after an accident ( Colar Bone displaced after a tire blowout)
  • You will maybe ride when your rain gear is broken or lost.
  • You will ride when your whole body hurts from 500 or 600 or 700 km the day before.
  • You will ride up to 16 hours.
  • You will ride after you barely slept.
  • You will ride when your bike does not work properly.
  • You will always ride and ride and ride some more even when it gets dark and your lights stop working.
You will always ride and try to manage that average of 350-450 kilometers or you fail the 80 days around the world!


Because you will probably break down a lot and lose days for repairs or wait for spare parts (6 days in Turkey).
You will possibly wait up to 5-7 days in the Harbour of Baku at the Caspian Sea because the ferry Terminal has no Time Table and the Ferry from Vladivostok only leaves every 7 days.
You will have 2-4 Planes to take and might miss 1 or it gets canceled.
You will have an unpredictable border or police controls where you lose hours or even days ( 4, 5, and 12 hours )
You will not be a tourist and do sightseeing.
You will constantly be improvising to solve issues.
It is a race against the clock and all the unpredictable things ahead will force you to constantly move.

Maybe you get lucky!

Maybe you also get very very very lucky and none of that happens – Maybe.
Then you still run the chance that an animal attacks you, a car crashes into your parked scooter, you run out of gas, a drunk driver nearly hits you. Possibly you simply drop the fully loaded scooter because you are drop-dead tired.
You might as well nearly crash into animals in the evenings (camel and coyote).
You might as well lose parts or gear that is essential on the way and run to repair or replace it.
Maybe a lot more things happen and that was just the beginning of the list.
Or it was just me.
But hey it is all part of the adventure, all part of the story and you will have a lot of them! From your 80 days around the world

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