August 11, 2018 DonCalvo_1976

Quote of the day :
Around the world in 80 days – how do you do it? Do you Tinder?

(Lesson of the day : I’m going too fast for Tinder).
I managed to meet today with 2 wonderful souls and members of the great worldwide Vespa community in Irkutsk Siberia – yes you heard right – Irkutsk has 5 Vespa riders! One of them is a young and very nice and cosmopolitan man and also a prosecutor in the city. He has been following me on Instagram for several days and contacted me not to miss the opportunity to have a coffee together. “Colorful people like you enrich our otherwise gray life here in the deep east.” Those were his words. Amazing! We met at a rest stop outside the city and he came with his girlfriend, a passionate photographer and owner of a gallery. We drove together a few kilometers to Lake Baikal, drank coffee, ate a good meal and had a nice chat !
And on the way we also met a couple from Czech Republic, who were riding a big motorcycle on Pamir Highway 🙂 ! We exchanged briefly, took photos together and then we parted ways again

P.S.: Day 43 ends at 15174 km and still about 3600 km to Vladivostok

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