July 29, 2018 DonCalvo_1976


Important Life Lessons from yesterday night:

when a Kazakh road sign says danger ahead, they mean it! The beautiful road suddenly turned behind a bend into a sandy track with big rocks. And if there are camels during the day, you can almost run over them at night! I came with nearly 70 things over a slight hilltop and there it just stood on the road. Pretty indifferent. I, on the other hand, almost wet my pants because it was so close.
I started my day at 6:30 by loading the bike in front of a truck stop that could have been from the movie “From Dusk till Dawn” or the Hitchcock classic “Psycho” and am now riding my first few hundred miles before lunch.

Important life lessons from this morning:

1. Kazakhstan is really big and the distances between gas stations are really so big that you can’t make it to the next gas station with a full tank of gas and a spare can of 5 liters plus a 1-liter bottle.
2. always have your hose ready (not what you think).
3. a mouthful of 92 octanes is not an alternative to a good Cappucino
4. even if you sucked 3.5 liters of gas out of a truck, it won’t be enough to reach the gas station.
5. sometimes you repeat things until they work out

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