July 2, 2018 DonCalvo_1976

Goodbye Spain! Hasta luego ! Gracias
After 403 km yesterday and the visit to Barcelona I spent the night in Tossa de Mar after I made a short round through Lloret de Mar for a cold drink.

In the morning there was a big spectacle as I started to stack my luggage next to the scooter in front of the hotel, just next to the breakfast terrace,  and then step by step load. One should have handed perhaps popcorn and beer to the People. In the end, they have even clapped as the “impossible” worked out and my scooter was fully packed and ready to go. I bowed out and drove off. Around noon I reach the border of France. I take a short photo stop and then quickly enter France.

I strictly follow the coast and then head towards the Camarque. Suddenly some things seem more familiar to me than I would like. Google Navigation has led me directly to St. Marie de la Mer. A tiny town in which I am stranded in 2016 once with a hole in the piston. I take a quick photo of the place, but with a queasy feeling I quickly speed on. Those were no memories I am fond of. I was stranded there for 4 days and 3 nights until I finally got a spare part and had to repair my engine at night on a gravel parking lot.

Now better continue briskly towards Italy along the coast! In the early afternoon, a truck cuts me and shows me then directly several times the finger. In France on the Vespa, this is, unfortunately, not uncommon with a German license plate. In 2014 just after the lost Soccer World Cup, a french family tried to ride me into the ditch and two kids showed me directly the finger from the rear window.

Later on the expressway, I had then strangely two misfires, but could not find a cause. Well, it is very hot and I drive the whole day at more or less full throttle. So far it was a total of 1450 km and 0 real problems!

I drive again until it gets dark. Unfortunately at Mallemort in the dark in search of a campsite my taillight fails. The Navigation asks me 3 times while I search the camping at the same spot to turn where the guardrail is pulled through. No joke. I capitulate and withdraw directly opposite the place in a field way and set up my tent in the darkness behind the bushes at the highway. Not overly idyllic, but I want to get off the road with the broken taillight. I fall asleep exhausted.
Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂
Thanks to my Spanish friends for a great time, support and hospitality. Let’s see what France has to offer 🙂 !
Hello France! Bonjour!

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