Day 40/80 days around the World on Vespa

August 9, 2018
August 9, 2018 DonCalvo_1976

80 days around the world on Vespa Scooter – Halftime

So it is half time now: 40 Days
I completed 14069 km so far with a total estimate of 27.000.
I am in country number 14: Russia
After I crossed Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kasachstan.
Still have to get through South Korea, the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France again and get back to Spain.
I have lost so far:
  • 1 Cylinder
  • 2 Clutch
  • 1 Rear Brake Hub
  • 2 Brake Shoes
  • 2 CDIs
  • 1 Clutch Cable
  • 2 Spark plugs
  • 3 Phone Headsets
  • a Motorcycle Jacket
  • used 2 Sets of Heidenau K58
Yesterday Rosinante and I lost some weight. I put the last set of tires I was carrying and also will lose the rest of the oil I also carried on the last 5000 km. I got rid of some stuff I do not need anymore. And today she also gets a last motor oil change.

Physically I feel ok even though very tired by now. Often ride into the night and yesterday also did maintenance upon arrival. So I was very exhausted when I finally came to bed. At least I have no problem falling asleep. I have a lot of big Mosquito bites and my hands and feet ache from the vibrations every day.
I have to ride 360kms daily for the next 13 days to not violate my visa so let’s rock n Roll!
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