Real Adventure after the Adventure

November 12, 2018
November 12, 2018 DonCalvo_1976

Spontaneous Crossing of the Iberian Peninsula / 1000 kms on a shitty 50 ccm Vespa

After my 80 Days around the world on Vespa, I visited Germany, then Ibiza and Mallorca. On my way back to Portugal I decided spontaneously to take a micro-adventure and bought myself an old crappy, unmaintained smallframe Vespa Pk50 for 300€ in a backyard at 10pm without tools, planning, camping gear …. It was a stupid idea, but stupid ideas sometimes result in real adventures:


Real Adventure cannot be bought.
Real Adventure cannot be consumed.
Real Adventure is not comfortable.
Real Adventure is not expendable.
Real Adventure can not be copied.
Real Adventure does not need Adventure Gear.
Real Adventure does not need an Adventure Bike.
Real Adventure is not accompanied by a tv crew.
Real Adventure always comes at a personal cost.
Real Adventure comes with the possibility to get injured or killed.

Real Adventure comes in all forms, and sizes and colors… but not from a catalogue.

It is a risky challenge that one lives through that widenes your perception and forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you improvise and let’s you personally grow. Sometimes that can be a painful and scary process and at times it can be dangerous.
Real Adventure is not a fucking holiday that you book and pay and that you repeat each year with your buddies. It is not to be found in a tv commercial and you cannot buy it.
It is a unique experience !
Real adventure possibly changes your life sometimes puts it even at risk and changes your world but it definitely touches your soul!
You might be freezing, sweating, bleeding, crying, laughing and swearing, but most definitely you will feel very much alive!
Find that in a fucking Travel Agency !? Or with a Tour Provider ? I don’t think so!
Go find it – thank me later!

(Pictures were taken on my 1000km spontaneous crossing of The Iberian Peninsula)
P.S.: Oh after 3 kms I broke down the first time in a dark Country Road . I pushed for a 10 kms through the night, but on the following days I had so much fun and met great spanish Scooterists all along the way that helped and shared food and beer and stories … )

And in the end I brought her home !
A real 50 ccm Vespa Adventure !
"Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person."

Yvon Chouinard

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